March 31, 2019

  The interesting thing about today’s parable is that it is such a down to earth and believable story. The prodigal son wants to leave home, wants to go his own way, and independence from his family. The younger son, sending himself out from the love and communion of his father, becomes trapped in riotous living, among sinful ways of life. This is something most of us have experienced, and it is a very natural occurrence. The story of the prodigal son reflects the father’s love is unbounded, but the eldest son does not even refer to his own father as father, instead looking to him as master, and neither to his brother as brother, but simply as other.

In fact, Jesus gives great importance for the abundant love of the Father. But here we need to think over who is the real prodigal son. Is it elder or younger son? Once the younger son was craving for the selfish motives and towards the end the experiences made him repentant. But it is just contrary to the elder son. How tragic it is? A person who was a righteous becomes a villain at the climax of the story. The life of prodigal son is really reflected at the cross. How the good thief was forgiven of his entire notorious past life by repenting from the bottom of his heart at the crucial moment.

Fr. Benjamin Hembrom, TOR

  Lo interesante de la parábola de hoy es que es un relato tan terrenal y creíble. El hijo pródigo quiere irse de casa, quiere seguir su propio camino, y la independencia de su familia. Esto es algo que la mayoría de nosotros hemos experimentado, y es una ocurrencia muy natural.

La historia del hijo pródigo, refleja el amor del padre es ilimitada, pero el hijo mayor ni siquiera se refiere a su padre como padre, sino como mayordomo ni a su hermano como hermano, sino simplemente como otro. De hecho, Jesús da gran importancia al amor abundante del padre. Pero aquí necesitamos pensar quien es el verdadero hijo pródigo. Es el hijo mayor o hijo menor? Una vez el hijo menor anhelaba los motivos egoístas y hacia el final, las experiencias lo hicieron arrepentirse. Pero es lo contrario con el hijo mayor, cuan trágico es? Una persona que era justa se convierte en un villano en el climax de la historia. La vida del hijo pródigo se refleja realmente en la Cruz. Como el buen ladrón fue perdonado de toda su vida pasada notoria, al arrepentirse de todo corazón en el momento crucial.

Padre Benjamin Hembrom, TOR